Are you interested in learning more about chain reactions, Rube Goldberg machines, mechanisms, and contraptions? Members of The Forge Downtown will be facilitating the following workshops to help everyone prepare for the 2017 Community Chain Reaction. The links below will open a page with additional registration information on The Forge Downtown website. More workshops will be added, so stay tuned!

Please note: Attendance at a workshop is NOT required to register a team for the CCR. And vice versa...people who attend workshops do NOT need to be registered on a team. Also, you can register to attend one workshop, or more than one. -->Many different ways to explore STEAM with chain reactions!

Sign up for a workshop TODAY!

No new CCR workshops scheduled at this time. Please check back again, soon!

Please fill out the "Contact Us" Form to let us know you would like to attend a CCR workshop in the future. Thanks!